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Web site Promotion to Search Engines and Directories

Web site promotion the last important step

Well, you already have a great web site with attractive content and clever web page design, optimized for search engine crawlers, and hosted on a reliable web-hosting provider. It is time to your web site promotion, to submit it to major search engines and web directories, and thus to advertise your web site presence.

The better way for a web site promotion is to submit it to the web directories prior to submission to search engines. Your site web popularity will rise if search engine robots find more links to your site during a web crawl. Your site ranking in search engine listing may significantly increase thanks to this site links popularity.

Web site ranking in web directories

Good ranking in a web directory search depend on your site relevant description. So before submit it to web directories, be prepared with a clever site description, which contain the most relevant keywords prior to submission. Almost every web directory incorporate search engine to allow Internet visitors a fast way to find the relevant site. Such engine searches through the directory database containing only the site titles and descriptions, therefore the clever choice of title and description is very essential. Note that the major web directories rely on editors, and they may change your web site title and description according to directory rules, if they decide to list it at all. You always may rely, on a paid or even express submission in the major web directories like LookSmart and Yahoo for example. Please note that "Under Construction" or broken links on your site will result in rejection to your submission.

Web site submission to web directories and search engines

When you are ready, submit your site to the major and most popular directories then wait three to four weeks while your submission is approved. When your site appears in some of these directories listings then you are ready to submit it to the major search engines.

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