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Web site Optimization for top position in search engines

Web site optimization may help significantly any web site to achieve top position in search engine results. Remember that any web site is found by Internet users mainly through major search engines and web directories. So if a web site gets a top position in search engines results it will receive a dramatic traffic increase.

Search engine optimization meaning

Web site optimization is a process that makes pages of a particular web site easily accessible and readable for search engine crawlers. The search engine optimization secret for any web site is very simple, just use plain-text static HTML pages. Then a search engine will not have any problems to crawl your web site pages and this will assure your site position in its index. These sites are the most search engine crawlers' friendly. If you wonder why see: How search engines work?

Web site optimal design

Optimal web site design with enough and relevant information on it to satisfy your visitor queries is the key to success for high position in search engine listings. Fast web site loading is very essential. Web designers may want that your pages look like Picasso paintings, but your potential customers may not be so patient to wait page loading, so they will probably never see it. Don't expect that search engine crawlers will be so patient either. Analysts say that most of the Internet users browsing the web wait no longer that 3 to 5 seconds for a web page to load, and remember that most of them have a connection speed from about 2 to 3 Kb/sec or even slower.

In order to achieve top web site position in search engine listing for your web pages you must be aware of search engine ranking technology.

Web site optimization tips

Use your top keywords in the title tag and near the top of your web pages.
Try to position your keywords at the beginning of your sentences.
Use your keywords frequently into your site content without losing the message.
Positioning your keywords as close as possible may help you receive a higher position in search engines results.
Use static HTML pages, without frames.
Avoid Flash and dynamic content.

Web site position tips

Search engine position tips and tricks may be found at a number of web sites, here is only some of the most relevant hyperlinks. Guides for a web site optimization to achieve top position in search engine listings must be seek at first from the search engines themselves:
How does Google rank pages in their search listing results you may find explained at Google Information for Webmasters and Google Search technology pages.
How to increase your site ranking in the AltaVista search results, you may learn from their help page - Adding & Removing URLs.

Why web hosting is so important?

Search for reliable web-hosting provider, as we relay of the outstanding web hosting services of, which will assure your site web presence at least 95% of time. Analysis shows that about 20% of registered web sites are unreachable. Webmasters could relay of the web site performance measurement and monitoring services provided by the Speed Meter Network of in order to check their site Internet presence. Please note, that if a search engine crawler reaches your site when it is temporary off line, you will be out of this search engine index, and by Murphy's lows this happen just at that time.