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Good Web Site Ranking in Search Engines Results: Tips

Why web site ranking in search engines results is so important?

Web site ranking is not significant for you if you are the owner of a company like BMW, IBM, or Microsoft, then you don't need to worry about how the customers will find your website. But your good web site ranking in search engines results, is the unique chance to attract visitors and potential customers if your company is not so well known and popular as these cited above.

Search engine ranking understanding

To understand web site ranking in a search engine you must be aware of how search engines work, and remember: The most important thing that any crawler collects on a web site is text. When receives a search query, search engine searches through its index and finds all pages which contain keywords of this query. Search engine sorts, by its own web site ranking algorithm, these pages by relevance and sends listings with results to the user. What is the web site ranking algorithm that a search engine uses and how it works is a kept trade secret. However, major search engines follow some general rules.

Web site-ranking tips for major search engines

Good web site ranking in search engine listings mainly depends on how frequently specific keywords are found on a particular web page, and where those keywords appear on that page. Often in search engine ranking pages with the keywords appearing in the title tag are assumed to be more relevant than others. More relevant in search engine ranking will be considered a web page, which contains keywords close to the top, than page on which these same keywords are close to the bottom. Search engines assume that pages relevant to the topic will place those keywords right from the beginning. These keywords placed in the beginning of a sentence will be considered more relevant in ranking than keywords placed close to the end. Pages that contain keywords in close proximity receive higher ranking in AltaVista listings. Other tips to increase your site ranking in the AltaVista search listings, you may learn from their - Adding & Removing URLs help page. Find Google site ranking technology explained at Page Rank Information and Google Search technology pages.

Web site-ranking tips for major web directories

Good web site ranking in a web directory search depend on your site relevant description. So, be prepared with a clever site description, which contains the most relevant keywords prior to submission. Almost every web directory incorporate search engine to allow Internet visitors a fast way to find the relevant website. Such engine searches through the directory database containing only the web site titles and descriptions, therefore the clever choice of title and description is very essential. Note that the major web directories rely on editors, and they may change your website title and description according to directory rules, if they decide to list it at all.

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