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Meta Crawlers Provide Combined Search Engine Listings
Meta search engines don't crawl the web, but allow searches to be sent to several search engines at once, then the received results are blended together, and displayed onto one page. Metasearch engines provide an easy way to find combined listings from a number of different crawler-based search services, and sometimes this can assure more adequate results.

Some of the most popular meta search engines are listed bellow:

Ixquick meta search engine ranks results based on a site rankings received from the search engines, which it uses.
ProFusion is a highly customizable metasearch tool which let you to select any of the major search engines or choose the best or fastest three for you.
MetaCrawler is a metasearch service utilizing multiple search engines to deliver cumulative results, it provides also a directory to search within specific categories.
InfoGrid meta search engine provides in a compact format links to major search sites, and news searching.
Vivisimo document clustering technology provides ordered grouping of search results from major search engines.
Mamma metasearch engine sends search requests to major search services and provides, search of Web sites, magazines, newspapers, newsgroups, companies, and MP3 files.
WebCrawler Meta search engine, formerly owned by Excite, provides fast and relevant results.
Excite Former crawler search engine, presently owned by InfoSpace, provides search by keyword, and categories of reviewed sites.
Ithaki is a meta search engine available in different languages, Ithaki provides advanced search options and free search boxes for your site.
Dogpile is a popular metasearch site that searches to a list of search engines and directories, and, then displays results from each search engine separately.
Query Server retrieves, sorts, merges and conceptually clusters results from some of the major search engines. is a Cnet's meta search service, which offers both web search and a variety of specialty search options.
SurfWax offers a personal search tool to perform customized searches on the Web, and provides real-time page summaries.
qbSearch combines quickly multiple pages of results from major search engines joined into one single page.

Complete meta search services listing you may find at LookSmart directory or at Open Directory Project site.