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Which are the Major Search Engines on the WEB?
The major search engines are your best web guides, when you are searching for a website content by keywords. Search engines provide the most direct way to find the website that contains information what are you looking for in the world wide web. Just type in the search box the keywords relevant to your search and then click on the search button, or press enter. Search engine results will be listed by relevance on the next page(s), which your browser opens. Then you can open successively the so listed web pages until you find the website that you really need. If you have difficulties with the first search engine results try to add additional keywords, or use the advanced search option. Most of search engines have an advanced search box with lots of additional features to help you specify more precisely your objectives.
Which search engine is better to use is a matter of personal choice. Some of them contain more web pages in their index, but others may return more relevant results to your queries. The listed below major search engines are well known and the most frequently used by the Internet users. These search engines have huge and periodically updated databases, good maintenance, and return more useful and relevant results. For webmasters, the major search engines are very important places to be listed in, because of potential to generate serious traffic to their own sites. However you need to work seriously on your web site optimization and promotion, achieve the top search engine ranking prior to expect a great web audience.

The major search engines list:

Google search engine returns the most relevant search results based on the website content and its popularity, determined by the number of backlinks from other websites. However the backlinks from different pages are weighted differently accordingly PageRankô - the Google's ranking patented technology. Why Google is the most popular search engine today? Our webmaster simple answer is: Just because Google is the most active referrer domain for our website with 65 % of total referring domains, according Brief Search Engines Guide statistics for the last month.

Yahoo! search results come from its own search engine announced in February 2004 and its human compiled directory of web sites. Yahoo also possesses the web search provider Inktomi and the major pay per click SE Overture.

MSN Search is a web search service from Microsoft, which first listings were powered by LookSmart directory and the secondary results come from Inktomi's index. Now it seems that Microsoft uses its own team of editors that reorganize MSN copy of LookSmart directory in order to provide relevant search services.

Ask Jeeves is a human-powered real-language search service, which lets users ask questions without knowledge of search techniques. In addition Ask Jeeves supplies crawler-based results from its owned Teoma and Direct Hit search engines.

AOL International allows you to search the web and it's own content. Search results for websites come from the Open Directory and Google provides these for web pages.

AltaVista is the oldest crawler search engine and one of the largest on the web. AltaVista a business of Overture Services, Inc., provides also image search, news, and multimedia searches.

AllTheWeb search engine aims to index the entire web. Known also as FAST, the search engine offers news, picture, video, MP3 and FTP search. As of March 25, 2004, AlltheWeb is a part of the Yahoo! network of services and products.

Netscape Search offers Internet search options which results come from the Open Directory and Google.

LookSmart is a human-compiled web directory, which provides directory results to MSN Search, Excite and other partners.

Inktomi index is only available through its partners, though theirs results may be slightly different.

Teoma is a crawler search engine, which offers relevant results and some unique additional features.

WiseNut a search engine, owned presently by LookSmart, provides relevant results through its large index of web sites.

Lycos: is a web search engine with a directory model, some of its results comes from AllTheWeb, and directory listings are from Open Directory Project.

Find out how meta search engines provide combined listings from a number of different crawler-based search services, or try pay-per-click search engines if you look for some products or services.